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Twin SR Rapid steam wands
The unique Sanremo steam tip design makes it as easy as possible to prepare the fine textured milk for latte art and with its huge boiler, there is always loads of steam available for your busiest service periods.

Engineered for great tasting coffee
While the configuration of the single boiler Zoe system is broadly similar to many other coffee machines, experienced coffee makers quickly realise that the Zoe seems to make more consistent, better-tasting coffee.

A pre-infusion on each shot wets the coffee before the main extraction, reducing chances of weak and bitter coffee, helping you to produce a great-tasting cup.

Easy correct cleaning
An automatic backflush allows you to clean both the group heads in a pre-set programme. This removes any coffee residues while you can concentrate on doing other things.

Secure investment
You will enjoy a solid performer which looks great on your counter and reliably pumps out great tasting coffee helping you maintain and grow your customer base.

Zoe Compact

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