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Selling freshly roaster coffee for Good causes

How it works

At Dancing Road Coffee we are able to offer Charities and non profits to raise funds by creating a product with your own branding. You can then start a marketing campaign to promote sales.

Your coffee will be on it's own landing page and all you need to do is add a link to your site. If you have a tech wiz then you may embed the product page within your own website.

Why Coffee?

Coffee is a food item that runs out and needs replenishing all the time. This provides repeatable regular income for you. Unlike one off purchases this way will ensure you receive a consistent revenue stream.

How do we earn funds?

For every sale of coffee £3 is donated to you and at the end of every month the total raised will be transferred into your account. 

What do we have to do?

Just fill in the form below and have your logo and any info you need printing on the bags handy to upload. Our designers will create your very own label and all you need to do is encourage your coffee to be purchased.

Apply Here

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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