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Experience the rich and robust flavors of Indian Kondadakān Coffee Estate, located in the stunning Chikmagalur region of Karnataka. Situated at an elevation of 1,079 meters in the Western Mountains of Southern India, this estate produces some of the finest coffee in the country. The farm is celebrated for its delicious coffee and is highly regarded for its innovative agroforestry practices, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to cultivation. Every cup of Indian Kondadakān Coffee offers a tantalizing taste of the lush surroundings and expert craftsmanship that goes into every bean. Treat yourself to a truly exceptional coffee experience with Indian Kondadakān.

Indian - Kondaken

Price Options
One-time purchase
£8.96every month until canceled
  • FIELD:    Gandibagilu
    Altitude:    1200 masl
    Process:     Washed 

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